A meeting with the future

Listening to Salim Ismail this evening was like meeting the future.

For the launch of the competition Call to Innovation 2014 the founder of the Singularity Institute shared today in Madrid at Rafael del Pino Foundation his vision on the tech trends that will disrupt our reality in the coming decade in all main sectors.


The direct, generous and clear messages right from the global kitchen of singular ideas cheered us up and called for action, outlining several global fundamental game changing best cases and trends.

It was thrilling that among so many other sectors, he pointed out as first and most urgent to transform the sector of Education or the way we educate and learn continuously.

With 5Bln of people connected online and business moving from scaling efficiency to scaling learning, towards entrepreneur job creation and collaborative ecosystems, small teams disrupting industries through innovative solutions, building the path to a reality with global free internet connection, human organs generation, free video share in real time, businesses are already leveraging corporate infrastructures with entrepreneur ideas, reaching impact on Blns of peoples lives with clean water and disruptive energy solutions, reinventing a number of structures, bringing new meaning to democracy, sharing empathy for action, sharing and reinventing voting, making use of collective emotion and collective vs. individual intelligence.

All these every time more rapid changes urge upon acceleration of adequate and forward thinking reforms in education, healthcare, government and all legislative and regulation systems.

A call to innovation, the meeting ended with a call to get beautiful minds to serve the great hearts and build a more meaningful world.